Using Each Day for a Step Further in Self Improvement


The path of self improvement is never the same. It’s going to vary, take different turns, require different tools for each and every person. If you’ve decided that self improvement is something that you’re ready to do then hopefully ThursdayNext and the following information will help you get on the right path. Whether you’re in college, in y our 30’s or or in your 60’s, all of the following will still apply. So if you’re ready, keep reading…

Acknowledge Who You Are, What You’re Doing and Where You Are

Just as we mentioned, no one’s path to self-improvement will be the same. Your starting point and checkpoints will differ. The first thing you need to do is figure out and honestly acknowledge where you are at this point in your life compared to where you want to be. Who you are compared to who you want to be.

Who you are is not defined by your job title, what people call you, what kind of place you came from. Try imagining yourself in a deserted area. There’s no one around. There’s no job to go to. There’s no classes to attend. There’s absolutely no obligations and you’re free to be and do anything that you like. Who is there? You have to be completely honest with yourself here, too. This does no good if you don’t take it at what it’s worth, regardless of how nervous it may make your or how unpleasant it may make you feel. This first step is vital.

Figure Out Where it is You Want to Be

Now you know who you really are and where you are. Let’s compare that to who and where you would like to be. Foodsecurity is important, but its not everything. It’s important to note that who you want to be isn’t your early child role model or a super hero. This is something unique to you and who you, deep down, really want to be. If you can’t figure this out then you will have no idea of what skills you need in order to get there. You’ll never understand what it takes to become that person. So imagine now, as before, you’re free to do whatever you want but with no limitations. Now who would you be? Take note on everything from who you’d be with, what you’d be doing, what you’d be wearing, what you’d be eating – everything. Now this may seem hard, but we promise that it’s possible – this person you long to be IS somewhere deep within you. You just figure out how to bring them out.

Figuring Out How to Get to Where You Wanna be and Who You Want to Be

Now you have your starting point and your ending point. Alivebynature can help you reach your goals but only you know who you currently are and who you ultimately want to be. Now you need to figure out the checkpoints in between. But you know what? You don’t have to know every step of the way at this point. You only need to know the next step that you need to take in order to start moving along the path. While it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, if you concentrate on it too much it will start to seem like an impossible task to get there.